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About Scalhive

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ScalHive is a young software development company. Our company has been founded on 2015 in Ukraine. The people who work in our company are young and advanced professionals. In our team there are PhD, MSc and BSc holders.

We focus on developing customized solutions specific to our clients’ unique business requirements. We have experience in building state-of-the-art web based applications. You can trust us with the implementation of your software products from start to finish.

We use innovative technologies for you.

About company


In spite of the complexity and size of projects, we strive to provide our customers with modern technology, high-quality products and excellent engineering services that we provide to our clients.

About scalhive


We focus on three main areas:

  • technology
  • methodology
  • understanding business challenges
About scalhive


Our ambition is that we are not afraid of something new. We are constantly looking for new ways to solve problems; we are glad to take on new tasks and fulfill them with enthusiasm!

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About company

We are looking for people who have lots of great questions

We will help you to discover more and to develop. Our team is open to a new concepts and ideas.

About history

Learning is the key to success

We create a culture in which it is okay to make a mistakes but unacceptable not to identify, analyze, and learn from them.

We are open for new ideas. Share your opinion with us.